Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekly Goals for Getting It Together Feb 26, 2012

Which way am I headed?  Sometimes it is hard to tell.  In over three weeks I have gone from a full time caregiver for my parents, to employed (briefly) at a job I could not stand to currently unemployed.  Recently, a great deal of my Ebay stash of stuff found its way back to the thrift store.  When I thought I would be working full time again, I decided to NOT do Ebay anymore and just concentrate on my career.  Well, that didn't work. 

I have applied for a couple of jobs in my career field, but I have also been "thinking" about selling online again.  Truth be told, I love going thrifting and finding stuff to sell. :)

Here are my goals for this week:

 1.  Continue to put out resumes and seek part time employment.   I want the best of both worlds.  I want to work in my career field, but only part time.  This will give me time and money that I need to reevaluate  my future.

2.  List dinnerware that I still have on hand.  I love thrifting dinnerware.  Hence, I still have a bunch of dishes and dinnerware that I can list  re-list again on Ebay.  I also have some Pyrex that I can list again.

3.  Complete the painting of spare bedroom.    This bedroom will eventually be my mom's bedroom, should she decide she needs to come and stay with us for health reasons.  She picked the color which is a pale yellow.  The original color was chocolate brown.  I think I have put 4 coats of paint on the walls and still can see the brown leeching through.  This last gallon of paint has the primer in it, so I am HOPEFUL that it will work.

4.  Exercise.    Walk, walk, walk.  At least a mile a day.

5.  Enjoy life.  Going to use my Seaworld Pass this week with my grandson. :)

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  1. Thanks so much for popping by my blog, yours looks great I am a thrifting/yard sale junkie!!

  2. I feel like I'm on the same boat as you. Trying to get streamlined, figure life out, set a schedule.

    I hope you get where things are not so overwhelming soon!