Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat

The Fort at St. Augustine at night. 

Joining Carla for her Sunday Night Chit Chat! 

Reading? I have not read a book in a long, long time.  I read a lot of blogs. 

Watching? Opera Presents Master Class with Jane Fonda.

Listening to? Pandora:  The "Iz" channel

Cooking/Baking?   Ooey Gooey Strawberry Butter Cake

Happy you accomplished this week? We moved back home from my mom's.  She has made a miraculous recovery.

Looking forward to next week?  The decluttering is still waiting on me.... and maybe look for a job. 

Thankful for today? 
My mom's recovery, my family and especially my husband. 


  1. Happy to hear that your mom s doing well! :) You should find a good book & revive a love of reading! Nothing like it!! ;)

  2. I know..... I know...... I love to read. Just lack of time.