Thursday, February 23, 2012

Getting Your Green On: St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes

 This is where the journey of the green Cup Cakes ended. I was off today and wanted to do something green for tomorrow, St. Patrick's Day. There were other options for green food items, like Green Eggs and Ham, but I went with the Cup Cakes.       

 The cake mix was handy and I had a bottle of green food coloring left over from Christmas.  Yeah.. I dye food for all Holidays.  Keeps your family and friends entertained.

This is the before.  Cake mix, eggs, oil and water.Looks a little plain, don't you think?

 Mix it up with your 30 year old hand mixer.  It is a collectible for sure.  Harvest Gold??  Who makes that anymore?

So.. in goes the green dye.  Looks black..... or even blue.   Trust me. It is definitely green. 

Let the mixing begin!!   The green is added a little bit by little bit.  Nah!!   Not true.  I could not stop myself....

 I always think more is better.  In in this case... it definitely is better!!  Look at that lovely green color. 

The cupcakes are a lovely shade of green after baking per the box directions.  Absolutely perfect!

Well, let me rephrase that.  Perfect is when the cupcake is iced and decorated for St. Patrick's Day. 
This is the final outcome of my baking fun.  A beautiful green cupcake, with Cream cheese frosting and of course, Shamrock Sprinkles.  Tomorrow is now complete. 

How will you be celebrating St. Pat's Day? 

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