Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Best Thing We Sold On Ebay ~ #4 Remington Hot Rollers

As I had mentioned before, my husband opened an Ebay Store to get rid of his excess automotive and hunting items.  Last month, he did pretty good.  His shift at the hospital is an early one.  So when he gets home we have been hitting up some of the local thrift stores to see what else we can find to sell.  Luckily, where we currently live has a plethora of Thrift stores, so there is always somewhere to go.

Recently I came across a great new blog, "
Goodwill Haunting". She highlights some of her great finds that have really been money makers for her.  My husband and I have also come across some great finds too and we wanted to share them with you.
                Buy It Now Price $64.99                                          Sold for $64.99
                Paid:  $2.00                                                            Found:  Thrift Store                
                Ended:  Nov 2011                                               Buyer:  Savannah, Georgia

I found these hot rollers at a Thrift Store for $2.00.  It was a complete set, clips, instructions, and warranty card.  I had read on one of the forums I follow that Vintage Hot rollers were a hot item.  Evidently these specific rollers are gel filled.  Therefore, they hold the heat longer and produce a better curl.  Since they are no longer in production, they are in high demand.   Go figure, right?

Who would want these hot rollers you might ask?  Actually there are quite a few people who are looking for them.  Cheerleaders, dancers and pageant  girls!  You just never know what people will want to buy!


  1. No doubt they are a hot item! I had a set back in the day and I still think they were easier than a curling iron for all over curling.

  2. Wow!! What a great money maker! Good Job!

  3. You are right, you never know what people will buy. Great job!

  4. Jeanne: I agree!

    Countdown: Thanks!

    Helen: You are right, you never know!!