Monday, November 14, 2011

The best thing We Sold On EBay ~ #2 CHALLENGER STS-9 SPACE SHUTTLE MUG

As I had mentioned before, my husband opened an Ebay Store to get rid of his excess automotive and hunting items.  Last month, he did pretty good.  His shift at the hospital is an early one.  So when he gets home we have been hitting up some of the local thrift stores to see what else we can find to sell.  Luckily, where we currently live has a plethora of Thrift stores, so there is always somewhere to go.

Recently I came across a great new blog, "Goodwill Haunting". She highlights some of her great finds that have really been money makers for her.  My husband and I have also come across some great finds too and we wanted to share them with you.

Buy It Now Price:  $12.99                                                                      Sold:  $12.99
Paid:  .20 cents                                                                                         From Garage Sale
Ended:  October 2011                                                                              Winner: Washington State

This is the garage sale purchase that just keeps giving. A few months ago, after I dropped off my grand son, I hit up a few garage sales in her neighborhood.  This particular  sale was small, but you should never discount a small sale.  As I was looking through their stuff I spotted this cardboard box full of Space Shuttle memorabilia.  There were 16 coffee mugs that documented different space shuttle missions.  There was also paper memorabilia that relates to the different missions, about 12 pieces.  And last but not least there were a couple of space shuttle stick pins and belt buckles.

Originally, the box was marked $2.00 per item.  Well, it was getting late in the day and I asked him what he would take for the whole box.  He thought it about it and then he said $10.00.  Easy decision... SOLD!!   This was a great deal for me.  I have all the items listed and for a $10.00 investment, I have grossed to date, $ 159.00.    We still have about 8 mugs left, and some of the paper memorabilia as well.
Happy Ebaying!


  1. What a fun blog love garage sales and making money off of junk! So Fun! Just found your blog and I see we have alot in common. Check my blog out and follow if you'd like

    I always FOLLOW back :)

  2. Lisa, your my kinda girl.Can't wait to read all your adventures in junkin'.

  3. Great score on the mugs!