Thursday, February 9, 2012

Best Thing I Sold On Ebay ~ #1 Paradise Found Hawaiian Shirt

As I had mentioned before, my husband opened an Ebay Store to get rid of his excess automotive and hunting items.  Last month, he did pretty good.  His shift at the hospital is an early one.  So when he gets home we have been hitting up some of the local thrift stores to see what else we can find to sell.  Luckily, where we currently live has a plethora of Thrift stores, so there is always somewhere to go.

Recently I came across a great new blog, "Goodwill Haunting". She highlights some of her great finds that have really been money makers for her.  My husband and I have also come across some great finds too and we wanted to share them with you.

Buy It Now Price:  $19.99                                                Sold:  $19.99
        Paid:  .25 cents                                                                From Thrift Store
          Ended:  Sept 2011                                                            Winner from Texas

Here is out first "Best Thing".  It is a Hawaiian Shirt by "Paradise Found"
  The thrift store that we found this shirt has a "Fill A Bag for $5.00" every Wednesday and Friday.  You can easily fill a grocery bag with at least 20 pieces of clothing.  When you are just starting out trying to figure out what to sell on Ebay, you have to take a few risks.  Paying a quarter for an item of clothing is definitely a small risk.

When we first listed this shirt, we put it at auction for $9.99 for seven days.  It had a few hits but no serious bids.  After researching what others were listing this particular brand for, we decided to put it in the Ebay store for $19.99 and the buyer pays shipping.  It was pretty quiet for awhile.  In fact, the same thrift store trip we also found a red "Paradise Found" Hawaiian Shirt .....

I definitely like the red one better.  The red shirt was listed at auction for $9.99 with no bids, and it too went in to the store for $19.99.  It did sell, but the buyer was non- paying so it will be going back into the store. 

This particular brand of Hawaiian shirt was worn by Tom Selleck in Magnum P.I.   Some of you may  remember that T.V. show. 

A little history about Paradise Found:

In the 1930's and 1940's the "Aloha Shirt" became a universal symbol of Hawaii's warmth and spirit. Today, almost 70 years later, Paradise Found & Diamond Head Sportswear carry on the Hawaiian tradition by manufacturing the highest quality, most authentic versions of the islands favorite designs. From the warm, romantic days of old Hawaii, we proudly present our collection of "Made in Hawaii." The islands most authentic designs of nostalgic and modern "Aloha Shirts," all of which embody the spirit of Aloha!

Time to hit the thrift stores again and look for more of these little beauties.  Hope your thrifting adventures bring you much success!

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