Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Weekly Thrifty Finds

 Here are a few of my favorite finds from this weekend.  I love the canister set, but even more I absolutely love these aqua blue dishes.  They are such a pretty shade of blue and the lines are smooth and attractive to the eye.

Ballerina is a new brand for me, I have never come across this before.  I will have to do more research and post on the brand later.

 Here is where I need help.  I found this plastic, (or is it bakelite?) box at the flea market.  I have no idea what it is?  Do you know?   It is light weight, and does not appear to have any seams.  Please share if you know!
These items will be going into my booth at the Antique Store this week!  If you are in Minneola Florida, stop by and visit the Hen's Nest and ask them to show you Lisa R's booth!

If you have any treasures to share, like it up here!                          I linked it with these great sites!


  1. I love it all! I'd be thrilled to find the cannisters or dishes or box! Lucky you to find all three!!

    Don't have any information on the box, but it is really neat!

  2. Thanks Becky Kay! When I find out what it is I will share!

  3. Hi, I'm no expert, but I think that plastic box looks like a cigarette holder that you would have kept on the coffee table ca 1950. I love Ballerina dishes -- they were usually made in solid colors like the ones you found. The backmark is so pretty! I love your cannisters, too. Great finds!!

  4. Hi Laurie,

    Cigarette holder?? Hmmmm..... interesting. I will try to research that aspect of it. Thanks so much!

  5. I love those ballerina dishes. . .I have recently started collecting that mark. . .I think they look very Russell Wright-ish! great find