Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Didn't Think I Was a Hoarder...

I went to check on my booth at the Antique Store, to restock and to straighten up.  My little booth was still looking cute and it was still very full of stuff.  Hmmm.....So I have to learn the right price point to put on my items.  I talked to the owner, Lois, and she said that my prices were a little high for this area.  I needed to be more competitive with the other booths in the store  So, I grabbed the red Sharpie marker and reduced a great many of my prices.  I really want to sell this stuff, because I sure don't want to bring it back home. 
Stangl from the flea market

Another interesting conversation I had with the owner was the availability of the shelf/booth next to mine.  It is a little bigger and deeper.  The rent is the same and I was thinking of either moving to that one OR actually renting it out in addition to the one I already have.  That was before I found out I was not really selling anything.  But, I have lots of stuff to get rid of and I (because I can't take it with me) and I really enjoy going to the shop and stocking up my still full booth. Lol!
Cute Fire King from Flea Market

I am not sure what I am going to do yet, but I will post when I do decide.  If you are ever in Minneola Florida, pass by the Hen's Nest and visit my booth.  Ask them to show you where Lisa R's booth is.  Lots of great deals!

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