Saturday, August 6, 2011

Thrifting Locally

This past Tuesday, I visited a couple of local thrift stores and one vintage antique shop. 

This is the first place I went to.  It is a church based thrift store that has tons of stuff.  At the front of the store is the Christmas items.  Yes.... Christmas is already being promoted!

Cute stuff, but I am not in the mood for Christmas yet!  It is just too early to think about the holidays yet. 

I did find this cute mixing bowl.  I tend to think it is more decorative than functional. 

And even if it said Roseville on the bottom, I doubt that it is the antique collectible stuff.  It is a "wanna be".

I thought this little plate was cute.  Love the colors, but did not buy it.  Maybe I should have.....I will post most pictures at a later date.  Just wanted to share these with you.

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