Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Booth at the Antique Store

I have decided to take the plunge and rent a booth at the local antique store.  I love to thrift and find treasures at local thrift stores and now I have a place to display and sell them.   Here are two pictures of the booth BEFORE.  The items you see on the shelves are the owners.  She fills the booths with her items that are not currently being rented.      

 The green floral dishes are super cute!

I went to the store on Tuesday to set up my booth.  Below is the before picture.  The shelves were cleaned out and I started with shelf paper to brighten up the booth.  The shelf paper is actually gift wrap paper that I found at the dollar center in TARGET.  The black and white paper is a real eye-catcher!

It didn't take but a few minutes to paper all the shelves.  I really think it makes my booth stand out.  And since I am in the back of the store, I need to stand out!  I also went with bright yellow price tags, another eye-catcher! 

Below and to the right, you can see my completed booth.   The shelves are stocked and ready for business.  I think it looks really cute, but then again, I am a wee bit partial.

The images were taken with my cell phone, and due to the angle I could only get pictures from the side, no front view shots. 

Off to find more treasures! 


  1. Lisa, your booth looks great. I love to browse antique malls. Best of luck!

  2. Good luck Lisa! In light of your recent unemployment it would be great to sell some of your stuff! I'm another antique store browser - one of my favorite pastimes. I think you did a great job attracting the browsers' eye!

  3. Oh my! They definitely do make the booth stand out those yellow tags.

    Good luck with the booth!