Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fischel Bentwood Chairs found at the Thrift Store

You can see Princess (my bulldog) in the background
This lovely pair of chairs immediately caught my eye at the local thrift store.  The lines were smooth and the design is simple as well as functional.  I knew I had to have them. I asked the manager how much did he want for them.  Usually he throws out a price  as most items are not marked.  He hesitated, and said he had to ask his mom.  After checking with his mom who is also the owner, he said the price is 50.00 dollars for the two.    

After turning the chairs over, I saw the name Fischel.  I immediately Googled the name and this is what I found out:  Fischel Chair  
 After reading this ad that I found, I compared my chairs to the one that is listed for sale and they are definitely the same.  Mine do have more damage, but it is minimal.     I immediately bought the chairs and had my daughter put them in her truck and take them to my home.  I am very excited to find out more about Fischel and what other furniture he designed and made. 

This label is the original label on one of the chairs.  Do you know anything about Fischel? 

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  1. I love the chairs! Excellent thrift score.

  2. Hi Van,

    Thanks! They are beautiful!!

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