Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My First Sale on Half.com

Of the few things I listed on Half. com and Amazon, so far only one item has sold.  The Marvel Encyclopedia of Superheros was  a book that was given to me by my friend that was downsizing.  The book sold for 17.87.  I was  reimbursed $3.07 for shipping, Half.com's commission was $2.86 for a total of $18.26 profit.    Here is the back story.... the actual shipping which included delivery confirmation was $5.60.   I also incurred the cost of a roll of brown craft paper {$5.25} to wrap the book.  Bubble wrap I get from work for free.  I was inspired by Lindy at Minting Nickels post on low cost shipping.

The roll of craft paper will last quite a while, so it was worth the money.  Definitely cheaper to make your own mailer then to buy them.   So...  after all is said and done, my net profit  for July is $7.41.  It is a start.

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