Monday, January 25, 2010

Latest Thrift Store Finds

Lately, most of the items I like to buy at the Thrift Store are Coffee mugs. Here are a few of my latests finds.... This one is from Barnes and Nobles.... great color and graphics Who does not like Mickey Mouse?? This mug is very bright and vibrant.
Again.. another Disney Mug. I am sensing a pattern here..... Lion King is one of my favorite movies.
Now this mug... is an "Indian Prayer Mug" made by Federal glass. It is in great shape and quite unique.

Have you ever seen a mug like this one before?


  1. I always loved that mural in Barnes and Noble of all of the famous authors, how cool that you have it in mug form!

  2. Hi Mrs B...
    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. glad to have found your blog! i've remember reading about those shirts you found on Facebook. how did they end up doing?

    Great mugs!
    love 'em!

  4. this is a great mug too! but check the spelling of 'maurice' in the title! just a heads up!

  5. Hi Recycle-ista..
    Thanks for stopping by. The shirts (R & G brand) did great. The highest bid was 49.00 dollars. I had four shirts and the ending prices were between 39.00 and 49.00 dollars.

    Thanks for the heads up on the Sendak mug....oopsie.. :)

  6. Enjoyed your site....have added you to my favs...check out a few favs of mine.

    I am addicted!