Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thrift Store Mug Update

You just never know what people will buy on Ebay. Previously I had posted about some mugs I had found at the thrift store for about 12 cents each. This cute mug "Cats by Nina" was one of them. It is a handpainted, handsigned lovely coffee cup, but it did have some crazing inside.
I listed it at 5.99, and the final price that was bid is 9.00 dollars! Can you believe it? I was thrilled with outcome of this auction. Here is the link to the Auction
I have not yet sold any of the other mugs I bought, but I am very hopeful.
I do have to readjust my shipping charges. I had to pay some shipping out of my own pocket, which I was not happy about, but you live and learn. The Ebay thing is definitely a learning experience.

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