Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thrift Store Find

I stopped by a local thrift store yesterday, and I found these three mugs. I found a few more things, the the mugs really caught my eye,, and they were half price. Regular price was .25 cents. Total amount spent on mugs is .36 cents. The mothers prayer mug, is ivory and I am willing to bet it is vintage. Which picture is better, no flash or the flash picture....

this is the flash picture

This is an old spice shaving mug. I love it!!

Next is the Peasant Ware... handpainted in Germany. I found some pieces on Ebay and they seem to be quitel collectible.

No Flash or...............


I am very excited about these mugs. They will be going on Ebay this week! I will let you know what they fetch!