Sunday, November 29, 2009

Black Friday at Salvation Army

I had originally planned to go black Friday shopping wwith two friends and my daughter on Friday. Plans changed, I was able to watch my grandson Thursday night and Friday. It was later on Friday (Black Friday) after Caleb left, that I decided to go the Salvation Army. I knew they were having some good sales and mark downs, and I figured that by 3 in the afternoon, things would have calmed down a bit.

Not so much.

This is the line to check out. I must be 15 or 16 in line. The store was still busy as all get out.

Here are are few of the things I found, these Mccoy brown drip tumblers are a set of 7. They were priced at 7 for 5.99 and then all the Bric a Brac was marked down 50 percent. So 7 for 3.00 dollars. A definite vintage score!

Here is a Homer Laughlin creamer. I love the pinkiness!

I also got a sugar bowl of the Mccoy brown drip. The inside is so darn pretty!!!

These two little saucersa are really, really cute. They are Edwin Knowles china and the colors of the fruits are beautiful!

These are a few of my finds at the Salvation Army on Black Friday.

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