Sunday, October 12, 2008

This Week's Update

This past week was a little slow in Ebay. Why??? Because I did not have time to list new items. New auctions are needed to drive customers to your Ebay store and my auctions are probably less than 10. I did sell a book that was listed in my store and it was only listed for 1 week.

Break down:
Cost of book: 1.00 (probably too much)
Final Value Fee 1.20 (12 percent)
List Fee .03
PayPal Fee .59 (6 percent)
Shipping 2.25 (free shipping to buyer)

Listed for 9.99
Fees 5.64
Profit 4.35

So.. I made 4.35 . Not bad. Not great but not bad. It is evident that in order to grow an income from Ebay you need to list, list. list!!
If I had one hundred books listed and they all sold according to the above, I would have made over 400 hundred dollars in profit. Success on Ebay is definitely a numbers game.

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