Friday, October 3, 2008

Pfaltzgraff Find

Yesterday I was checking out a couple of thrift stores in my area. While I was looking through some old cookbooks , I was distracted by a couple of cannisters. They were Pfaltzgrraff in the village pattern. the color is a light yellow with a brown trim. It is a heavystone ware that was popular in the middle seventies. My mom had the cannister set. to the cannisters were two boxes full of more of the same pattern. Place settings of six.... butter dish...corn on the cob holders.. and the price was thirty dollars for all of it.
I wanted to buy the whole lot right then and there....but I didn't. I went home and researched the otems on ebay. As far as I can tell the only items of value are the corn on the cob holders. am going back to see if the set can be broken up and I can get the corn on the cob holders only.

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